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9/11 Reality

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Business, Daily Life
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Some of you probably don’t want to think about what I’m going to say here and some of you will probably write me off as some kind of “nut job”…wtf ever that means?!  Those of you that I tagged more than likely feel as I feel or may be able to add to the discussion, hence the tag. Since I’m most likely going to be too busy in NYC, attending protest next month for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and I won’t be here to start this discussion at that time. 


There have been questions as to the validity of the “official” story that the mainstream media and the 9/11 commission report proposed after the “attacks”. If you’re not questioning or haven’t questioned the “official” story, then you have to ask yourself why not?  I’m not one to take the mainstream media seriously, mainly for their track record of lies and their affiliation or ownership by military industrial complex companies like GE.


What’s been bugging me is, that the “Misson” is accomplished by killing Bin Laden AND Saddam Husein (who had nothing to do with 9/11 and was buddy buddy with Dumbass Rumsfeld back in the 80’s)…. WHY ARE OUR BOYS STILL DYING OVER THERE????!!!!!! We just heard the news of losing Seal Team 6, God rest their souls. A lot of people still beLIEve the LIE that the US was attacked by extremist Muslims without even questioning who would benefit from such an attack? From the looks of it there are A LOT of military industrial complex companies and contractors that have benefited and continue to reap HUGE benefits from this so called “War on Terror”! What a Crock of SHIT! This global war on “terror” can not be won and was never meant to be won. 


We need to call for an end to these WARS and bring our boys back home!


This is my attempt to bring to light certain aspects of the events surrounding 9/11 and the lies that were told to the unwitting masses, who have been nothing short of complacent, and create a discussion to help open some minds of people that may still believe the “official” story that 19 Arabs hi jacked planes and flew them into buildings that day.  I’d like to discuss the FACTS of exactly what happened that day, like building #7 that fell at nearly free fall speed into it’s own foot print that was not hit by a plane and disappeared from reports on the news that day was lost into obscurity.

Another question I have is, If the “story” is true, that the US was attacked by Arabs from Saudia Arabia, then why and the hell are we at war in 2 countries and working on more that had nothing to do with the “attacks” that day?  If Saudi Arabians attacked then why are we not at war with Saudi Arabia?  I don’t support the meaningless loss of lives!  I am not a author or investigative journalist.  I am a human that has questions.


This whole debt fiasco that was happening in DC was part of act of “terrorism” on the American people, and specially on the true politicians who knew that our financial state of mind as a country was really not as bad as the media wanted us to believe.

Why an act of “terrorism”? A “Terrorist” goal in general is too “promote FEAR with in a society”, and that’s just what our government was doing, that’s what President Obama was doing. Creating this sense of FEAR with in the American people, that if by Aug. 2 no deal was reached, we as a country were going to go broke. That’s impossible when we have billions and billions of dollars on reserve AND we give trillions of dollars to other countries each year for “medical research and military support”.

Any politician who conducts business with disregard to the constitution of the United States of America, is straight out a Terrorist!!!