Terrorism at its Best!!

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Daily Life
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This whole debt fiasco that was happening in DC was part of act of “terrorism” on the American people, and specially on the true politicians who knew that our financial state of mind as a country was really not as bad as the media wanted us to believe.

Why an act of “terrorism”? A “Terrorist” goal in general is too “promote FEAR with in a society”, and that’s just what our government was doing, that’s what President Obama was doing. Creating this sense of FEAR with in the American people, that if by Aug. 2 no deal was reached, we as a country were going to go broke. That’s impossible when we have billions and billions of dollars on reserve AND we give trillions of dollars to other countries each year for “medical research and military support”.

Any politician who conducts business with disregard to the constitution of the United States of America, is straight out a Terrorist!!!

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