On the Tuesday 24th January 2012, US Senate will vote on the internet censorship bill (or the “Stop Online Piracy Act,” if you will). It is one of an emerging salvo of attack on the internet being put forth by lawmakers. SOPA and PIPA are U.S. pieces of legislation with global impact. ACTA is an international agreement with a similarly damaging result. Today is “blackout” day to oppose America’s claim of internet supremacy through its Congressional legislation.

This particular campaign is focused on SOPA. Whilst it is an American law, it has far reaching repercussions for the web as a whole, and implications for people around the globe. I’m in UK but have set the blackout time on this website to Eastern Standard Time (U.S. east coast) since the blackout campaign is based on that time zone.

There are many companies against SOPA, such as Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and today I am lending my weight to the argument by taking my site down for the day.

If you think SOPA doesn’t affect you, please think again. Watch the video below, or use the form below to force U.S. politicians to take notice. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, contact political leaders in your country and demand they stand up to this latest assertion from the United States that it has the power to control your rights. It would make sense for countries to consider sanctions against the United States if it attempts to damage infrastructure that billions of people in the global community depend on.

Keep on keepin’ on,

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