Punter Pat McAfee showing support

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Daily Life
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INDIANAPOLIS — Colts punter Pat McAfee is sparking outrage and support on Twitter by defending the Marines who were seen on video urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters.

McAfee, who tweets under the name PatMcAfeeShow, reacted to the story Thursday afternoon, tweeting, “Soooo people are (expletive) about our marines peeing on dead taliban??? #WhoCares #ThoseDudesTriedToKillOurDudes.”

He followed up with more tweets questioning the controversy.
“We are talking about scum of the earth terrorists… People who are trying to KILL us .. Take our freedom.. Why do people care about them?” he asked. “How many Americans do you think that guy getting (expletive) on killed? How many of those Marines friends died because of those men?”

Some of McAfee’s followers then started questioning his stance, one asking him, “How would you feel if they peed on dead Americans?”
“You think they don’t?” McAfee responded.
“You have absolutely no filter, do you?” asked another follower.
“Not when I’m right,” McAfee answered.

He then clarified that he doesn’t believe the video should have been posted, but said he doesn’t believe the Marines should be blamed.
“People talking bad about our soldiers who are FIGHTING FOR US is complete (expletive),” he tweeted. “The people who disagree w/ me are people who have no idea what our soldiers go thru..Do some research..You should be endlessly thankful.”

Some fans came to McAfee’s defense on the RTV6 Facebook page.
“I think that a lot of Americans understand where Pat McAfee is coming from,” wrote Chris McNew.
“I agree with Pat. What do you think they would do to American bodies. Afterall, isn’t it a war??” Mike Richey posted.
“I agree with Pat!! What do you think they do to us over there!” wrote Laura Leeper Aughe. “They weren’t alive, that would be a different story.”

When this news first broke, my first 2 thoughts were:
-Where was the global outcry when heads were being cut off on live tv,
-I’m not mad that they did it, I’m just mad the retards put it on youtube

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