What Are YOU Going to do Next?

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Business, Daily Life
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I don’t talk all of this FEMA; New World Order crap to scared anyone. Or to make you guys think I am some kind of psychopath. I give you all of this warnings because it is reality, whether you want to believe or not.

Just do the research your self, don’t believe anything I say. And I promise when you come to draw a conclusion, you will realize that I was right.

I don’t want to be the next Messiah or Prophet. I legitimately care about the well being of every single one of you. What will the United States America be if we had a Totalitarian State?? What will happen to our American Values? Our Families? OUR MARINE CORPS??

Whether you believe in God or not, Freedom of Speech; Press; Assembly and Religion are all god given rights. Rights that are also promise to us by the United States Constitution. With in the next day or so our President Barrack Hussain Obama will sign into law the National Defense Authorization Act. A Bill that will indirectly shred the constitution and eliminate ALL of our God-Given and Constitutional Rights.

What Are YOU Going to do Next?

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