Fiver Children’s Foundation-Part 1

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Friends,

Within our society, there are children who are in need. Many of these children are troubled by hard times, but they endure, believing one day things will be better for them. What if they had a place to call their own? A place where they could learn, grow, build friendships, and find comfort in the lives they lead. The Fiver Children’s Foundation is such a place. Established 11 years ago, Fiver’s purpose is to better the opportunities available to all children no matter their background. To fulfill this purpose, Fiver works with various community based organizations throughout New York City, inviting young recipients to experience what might be the best summer camp on the planet! It’s in the small town of Poolville in upstate New York where Fivers embrace a new world unknown to them, partaking in sports and swimming, boating and singing, dancing and exploring, learning all the time to express themselves through various classes, and building friendships that last lifetimes.

Outside of summer, Fiver continues to work with participants year round, committing to every child within its program for 10 years, guiding them through middle school, high school, and beyond. Fiver is dedicated to these children because of the fact that they are the pinnacles of the future. With guidance and care, there are no bounds to what will be accomplished by these young minds. With Fiver, more and more children are being enrolled and finding it in themselves to become better than they can be. No matter what success, no organization goes far without help.

We’re asking for your support so we may continue to impact these childrens lives for the better. Anything from donating, volunteering your time, or inquiring further about us at , helps towards changing the lives of children in need for the better.




With My Best Wishes.

Christian M. LaureanoDeJesus

Class of 2005

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