Posted: July 16, 2011 in Daily Life
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So you want to know more about theTrepaNation? First, let me answer the question your most likely thinking… “What does trepanation mean?”

Wikipedia describes Trepanation as:

Trepanning, also known as trephination, trephining or making a burr hole, is a medical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull, exposing the dura mater in order to treat health problems related to intracranial diseases.

However, here it takes on a completely different (and less graphic) context. By capitalizing the “N” it divides the two root words to illustrate a new, and more culturally relevant meaning. TrepaNation is a literal allusion to being a nation of open minded individuals. As the above definition suggests this often comes in the form of an intervention to cure one’s mental illness. This is still fitting, as in most cases people need to be jolted out of their conditioned paradigm before they can be truly open minded. What is offered here are unconventional perspectives.

Here we present different perspectives on Politics, Social Issues, and other beliefs that are often followed but not questioned. The ultimate goal of is to tear down the walls of division. Or in reality, show there are no walls. While the tactics of “Divide and Conquer” are being waged upon us, the TrepaNation strives to “Dissolve and Unite”. That is, dissolve barriers and unite open minded and freedom loving individuals. No matter whether you come from a Liberal or Conservative background, here you will only find Trans-Partisan. The only hard lines you will see are a love for America, the Republic and the Constitution as it was meant to be. To limit government and maximize freedom.

I hope you enjoy the musing found through out the site. Please comment freely (but respectfully). The TrepaNation will only flourish with equal amounts of praise, gripes, questions and comments.

~Alexander Meyer

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